one thing we all have in common, is that we will die

Claudia Crobatia - Death Awareness Expert

face your fears

Why contemplate mortality?


Exploring your ideas about death and what it means to you to be mortal will deepen your self-knowledge.

Reduced Death Anxiety

By contemplating mortality you will give new shape and meaning to the concept of death, and transform your fear of it.

Peace of Mind

Deciding on your preferences for the end of your life and your funeral can give you a sense of control and relief.

Death Awareness coach

Claudia Crobatia

I am the founder of A Course in Dying and a certified grief counselor. Through my research, I discovered there is still a lot of taboo on the subject of death. We often don’t know how to deal with the confrontation with death and do not like to talk or even think about our own mortality. With A Course in Dying I create content for you to get inspired to contemplate death.

In my courses I combine my knowledge of thanatology, funerary studies and grief counseling, to help you explore your own relationship with mortality and reduce your death anxiety.


Interviews and conversations
“Claudia Crobatia is a deathfluencer – an influencer specialized in normalizing death. The term was coined by The New York Times early last year. Crobatia works as a “death awareness coach”. With her platform A Course in Dying she teaches people to deal with their fear of death. By exploring mortality she believes we will be able to transform our fear into a personal experience, one we are more at ease with.”

“When you accept that one day you are really going to die, you can explore what it means to you. By reflecting on your own experiences with death and your current view on the end of life, dying begins to feel less abstract, and therefore less terrifying.”

“With her black dresses and long platinum blonde hair, the Dutch blogger runs A Course in Dying. She loves to pose in cemeteries or surrounded by skulls, but readily admits that she has not yet fully let go of the fear of dying. She doesn’t think it’s completely possible, or even that it should be a goal in itself. Being death aware is above all about facing the reality of death and preparing as best as possible, both psychologically and materially.”

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