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A Course in Dying
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death awareness
by exploring the theme
of mortality

A Course in Dying

With A Course in Dying (ACID) I explore the subject of mortality with the aim of raising death awareness. From death education, funerary evolution, near death experiences and the history of death rituals, to interviews, artist features and cemetery reviews.

Death Awareness

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Interviews with inspiring people who share their thoughts on mortality
Death Awareness

What is
Death Awareness?

One of the goals I have with A Course in Dying is to raise death awareness: to encourage people to have conversations about death and dying, and by doing so, hopefully making them less afraid of it. To me, death awareness is an expression that can be taken quite literal – death awareness: the awareness of death. The awareness of the fact that some day, we will all die. And the awareness that death is not just something that takes place in the faraway future, but that it is happening always, everywhere, all around us, right now.


Death Awareness Articles

Inspiring articles about death rituals, funerary evolution, and how to deal with mortality

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