One of the absolute certainties of life, is that it will end in death. What death exactly is, how it will happen or what it means, is an obscured matter for most people. The fact is that each of us will be faced with death one way or another, sooner or later.




My name is Claudia. I am a writer and photographer from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

A Course in Dying is not literally a course – I simply share my fascination for death here with you, so you can get inspired and contemplate it for yourself.

Through my own personal experiences I discovered there are still a lot of taboos that circle around death in today’s world. Due to the evolution of medical science and the rise of secularization in the West, we are losing our personal involvement with death and our rituals to make sense of it. By talking about mortality and sharing my thoughts and experiences, as well as those of other people I interview, my goal is to shed light on death’s shadowy cliché and transform it from a feared topic into something meaningful.


“Death does not equal darkness. It is not by definition a frightening nightmare. It is what it is; a personal experience,  just as personal and unique as every single life is.”



What also intrigues me is how death endlessly inspires the living. Fear of death may be at the core of all human fears, but it has also inspired writers, musicians and artists since the early days of mankind, and has sparked them to create beautiful works of immense significance.

With A Course in Dying (ACID) I explore the subject of mortality with the aim of raising death awareness. From death education, funerary evolution, near death experiences and the history of death rituals, to interviews, artist features and cemetery reviews.



All content is written and curated by me.

I am a visual artist and writer who has turned her passion for the hidden side of things into this platform. You can read more about me and my motivation for starting ACID in this post.

I hope to inspire you to become familiar with the “big unknown” and come to see it as something definitely inevitable, and perhaps potentially even beautiful.

If you wish to get in touch with me, you can do so through here.


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