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An online video course to help you contemplate mortality and reduce your fear of death

The one thing all human beings have in common, is the fact that one day, our lives will end in death.

What does the idea of death mean to you? How does it make you feel?

Chances are the thought of death triggers fear or anxiety in you. You might not feel totally comfortable with the idea of dying and your life coming to an end.

Research shows that in our modern-day Western society death denial is a common attitude. Which is very contradictory in itself when you think about it, as death is ultimately the one thing we can not avoid from happening.

Ignoring death often leads to more death anxiety which can have a huge impact on your mental health and your day-to-day life, while contemplating death will give you the benefits of going through life more aware and with greater purpose.

With my online video course I will give you the tools to explore your relationship with mortality, and reduce your death anxiety.

become death aware

The fear of death is at the core of all our other fears and anxieties

In this course I will let you explore your current relationship with mortality so you can figure out what death means to you. By doing so you will create a sense of death awareness.

Death awareness stands for: the awareness of death & mortality. The awareness of the fact that one day, you will die.

By creating this sense of awareness, you will learn to integrate death into your life, as a part of life, and you may discover it can even change your perspective on life.

Contemplate Mortality & Gain a New Perspective on Life

Course package content

What you'll get:

  • Video course with 31 videos, divided into 7 modules
  • E-book with exercises
  • Guided Death meditation audio file
  • The tools to explore your relationship with mortality and reduce death anxiety
  • Unlimited access to the material, so you can revisit the videos after you’ve finished the course

€ 79,-

Course Preview - Mourn Your Own Death

Contents of the course:

The course has 31 videos divided into 7 modules. Each module consists of 3-4 video’s,  together with exercises you can do in the e-book.

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€ 79,-

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The course is designed to give you guidance in exploring your own relationship with death & mortality.

It consists of 31 videos, an e-book and a death meditation audio file. After you watch the videos of one of the 7 modules, you will find a summary of the material in the e-book, as well as clear instructions for the exercises. After doing the exercises, you can continue watching the videos of the next module.

This course is for anyone who wants to explore their own relationship with death.

Do you want to dive deeper into your own ideas about mortality and unravel your death anxiety? Have you experienced loss and grief but found it difficult to process this, or share it with others? Do you want to learn more about our ways of dealing with death as a society and break the taboo on the subject?

Then this course is for you!

You are on a personal journey here, and all of the answers you give are meant to deepen and strengthen your own relationship with mortality.

You will not be judged or scored on any of the material we cover.

The course has 7 modules, each consisting of 3 or 4 videos.  Together with the exercises in the e-book you can count on an estimate of 30-45 minutes of time for each module.

All of the modules are available to you at once. You can go through the course on your own pace.

You can do one module each day for 7 days, of one module a week 7 weeks. Or perhaps you’re on a roll and want to watch everything all in one go! You can take as much time as you need.

Yes you can. The video course will be available to you as long as A Course in Dying decides to run it. You can always log in again and return to some of the subjects, or do the entire course again if you’d like. 

We also recommend saving the e-book somewhere you can easily find it back again, in case you want to do some of the exercises at a later point in time.

You can email us with questions related to the course at

ABOUT your death awareness coach

Claudia Crobatia

I am the founder of A Course in Dying and a certified grief counselor. Through my research I discovered there is still a lot of taboo on the subject of death. We often don’t know how to deal with the confrontation with death and do not like to talk or even think about our own mortality. With A Course in Dying I create content for you to get inspired to contemplate death.

In my courses I combine my knowledge of thanatology, funerary studies and grief counseling, to help you explore your own relationship with mortality and reduce your death anxiety.

this is the perfect time to reflect

As the world is going through a global death scare, mortality has become an even more relevant theme

Especially now that the world has been confronted with a global death scare during the COVID-19 pandemic, this is the perfect time to reflect on death. We have seen how unpredictable life can be. We have seen how death can suddenly impact us, on a personal level, as well as on a worldwide scale.

You can’t change the fact you will die. What you can do, is change the way you look at death and how you feel about it.


Get Ahead of Death

Discover what it means to be mortal and transform your fear of death