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Cemetery Review #1 – De Nieuwe Ooster – Amsterdam – The Netherlands

I’m sure you’ve heard of the type of people who hang out at cemeteries with a bottle of wine and make out amidst the headstones. That’s me and my man. We love taking walks at graveyards and revel in the peace and beauty they emit. Therefor I am starting this series of cemetery reviews; to show you all the good ones.
De Nieuwe Ooster is the largest cemetery in Amsterdam. It replaced the older Oosterbegraafplaats in 1894 and a crematory was added in 1994, which upped its title to “Nieuwe” (Dutch for new.) Initially designed by landscape architect Leonard Springer, it covers almost 75 acres and accommodates a wide variety of old and modern graves, as well as a funeral museum and a gorgeous arboretum.

A Course in Dying

A Course in Dying


A Course in Dying is a platform for all subjects dealing with death, with the aim of raising death awareness, founded by Claudia Crobatia.

I explore how the theme of death influences us, how aware we are of our own mortality and how death can even be a great source of inspiration.

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