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Hi there, mortality

At some point in everyone’s life, there comes a time we are faced with the reality of death. With this notion of an inevitable end to life in general, we simultaneously learn about our own mortality. It’s a personal matter if someone is prone to giving this much thought, or to avoid it at all costs. I personally have been thinking about death all my life. Sparked by curiosity rather than morbidity, the subject has always intrigued me. And bit by bit, throughout the years, as time left clues in the shape of experiences along the way, I started piecing together what it means to me. I started seeing how death gives meaning to life.

Cemetery Review #2 – St Barbara – Haarlem – The Netherlands

St Barbara is a Catholic cemetery located in the northern part of Haarlem, in the Netherlands. It is situated in the midst of a residential area. Houses surround it and a big road with shops is across the street from the entrance. But inside its gates, you find a quiet small cemetery that emanates eternal peace.
Cemeteries can teach us a lot. They tell us about history, about the people who lived here before us. Who they were, how they are to be remembered. And of course, wandering a cemetery reminds us of our own mortality. It breaks the spell of our every day routines and brings us back to the core of who we are and what life is about…

A Course in Dying

A Course in Dying


A Course in Dying is a platform for all subjects dealing with death, with the aim of raising death awareness, founded by Claudia Crobatia.

I explore how the theme of death influences us, how aware we are of our own mortality and how death can even be a great source of inspiration.

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