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Interview – Janno Hahn – Gravestone Typography

Dutch artist Janno Hahn (1980) is a “typo-graphic-designer” who combines his own distinct style of typography with graphic design in his numerous projects, varying from printed typefaces to art installations. As he also creates tombstone designs and his work has a certain air of existentialism, I thought it was a good idea to ask Janno about his thoughts on death and the process of creating a custom made hand carved tombstone.

Cemetery Review # 4 – Huis te Vraag – Amsterdam – The Netherlands

In the south of Amsterdam, hidden in the midst of a residential area on the outskirts of the city, lies one of the most beautiful cemeteries of the Netherlands: Huis te Vraag. The estate of Huis te Vraag stems from the 15th century and has been in use as a farm, a shipyard and a cotton factory, until it got reassigned its new function as a Protestant cemetery in 1891. Up until 1962, when the local authorities decided to close the cemetery for further burials. Since then Huis te Vraag has been a cultural-historical monumental property. It is opened for visitors and is being maintained by two local Dutch artists, who live in the former auditorium.

Cemetery Review #1 – De Nieuwe Ooster – Amsterdam – The Netherlands

I’m sure you’ve heard of the type of people who hang out at cemeteries with a bottle of wine and make out amidst the headstones. That’s me and my man. We love taking walks at graveyards and revel in the peace and beauty they emit. Therefor I am starting this series of cemetery reviews; to show you all the good ones.
De Nieuwe Ooster is the largest cemetery in Amsterdam. It replaced the older Oosterbegraafplaats in 1894 and a crematory was added in 1994, which upped its title to “Nieuwe” (Dutch for new.) Initially designed by landscape architect Leonard Springer, it covers almost 75 acres and accommodates a wide variety of old and modern graves, as well as a funeral museum and a gorgeous arboretum.

A Course in Dying

A Course in Dying


A Course in Dying is a platform for all subjects dealing with death, with the aim of raising death awareness, founded by Claudia Crobatia.

I explore how the theme of death influences us, how aware we are of our own mortality and how death can even be a great source of inspiration.

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