One of the absolute certainties of life, is that it will end with death. What this death exactly is, or what it means, is an obscured matter for most people. The fact is that each of us will be faced with death, one way or another, sooner or later. A Course in Dying offers those interested in the subject a new platform to resort to, undefined by cultural background, age or religion.

There are still a lot of taboos that circle around death in today’s world. The aim of A Course in Dying is to change this and make the subject more accessible. By talking about death and sharing our thoughts and experiences, my goal is to shed light on death’s shadowy cliché and transform it from a feared topic into something useful.


“If you can get comfortable with what is seen as the worst-case-scenario, which is to die, which is really only inevitable, imagine how freeing that would be.”


What also intrigues me is how death inspires the living. Fear of death may be at the core of all human fears, but it has also endlessly intrigued writers, musicians and artists since the early days of mankind, and inspired them to create beautiful works of immense significance.

A Course in Dying (ACID) creates and collects insightful content with the aim of raising death awareness. From death education, funerary evolution, near-death experiences and the history of death rituals, to interviews, poetry, cemetery reviews and art. Furthermore, ACID explores the relations between psychological, psychic and transcendental phenomena and what this teaches us about the possible meaning of death.





Claudia Crobatia


All content is written and curated by ACID’s founder,
Claudia Crobatia (the Netherlands, 1984).

I am a visual artist and writer from Amsterdam who
has turned her passion for the hidden side of things into this revealing site.

You can read more about me and my motivation for starting this platform in this post.